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DO.ADDITIVES is the family brand name for our activities in the production of additives for different sectors. Our comparatively long company name “DOG Deutsche Oelfabrik Gesellschaft für chemische Erzeugnisse mbH & Co. KG” does not reflect our area of dedication for our customers: DO.ADDITIVES – ADD EFFICIENCY. DOG has long been a successful partner for the supply of additives for the optimisation of production processes and product properties in different business areas. The obligation to register products under REACH calls for an adjustment of supply chains. Silanes are one of the concerned product groups. Being a core product of DOG’s assortment since many years, especially in small and medium quantities, we only supply REACH-conform silanes. Since more than 100 years we have concerned ourselves with the future. Today more visible than ever, due to the organic expansion in 2012 resulting in the second site just outside Hamburg. Newly planned, modern buildings in Marschacht demonstrate the growth course which has always characterised our company. Our headquarters in the harbor of Hamburg, rich in tradition, convince with inner values – a modernized infrastructure points the way to the future. On our main page you will find more information about our business unit brands producing additives for the rubber, coating, plastics, adhesives and sealants industry. Furthermore, you can find out more about our history and the development of DOG Deutsche Oelfabrik Gesellschaft für chemische Erzeugnisse mbH & Co. KG.

We would be happy to provide assistance and create an individual offer for your needs.

Silane Product Range

Epoxy Silanes

Epoxy silanes are mainly used in the coating, adhesive and sealant industry, where they improve filler dispersion, adhesion and anti-corrosive properties. In systems where yellowing is an issue, epoxy silanes are more suitable than others. [table id=…

Amino Silanes

Amino Silanes are mainly used in the coating, adhesive and sealant industry. They improve filler dispersion, adhesion and anti-corrosive properties of coatings. They are also available as blends with hydrophobizing agents. [table id=19 /] [table id=2…

Sulfur Silanes

Sulfur silanes such as Deolink TESPT are primarily used in the rubber industry. Some types are also employed in the coating industry. We offer special variations for the presilanization of fillers or substrates as well as particularly low-odour sulfu…


Alkoxy silanes are excellent hydrophobizing agents, which do not only reduce the polarity of substrate, but also increase the compatibility of different components in composites or highly filled compounds. Cust…