Alkoxy silanes are excellent hydrophobizing agents, which do not only reduce the polarity of substrate, but also increase the compatibility of different components in composites or highly filled compounds. Customer-specific blends are also available.
Hydrophobization of coatings and concrete
Filler modification (reduction of polarity)
Liquid SilanekgArt.-Nr.
Octyl triethoxy silane CH3(CH2)7 Si(OCH2CH3)3Deolink Octyl TE-10025

Deolink Octyl TE-100

is an excellent  additive for the surface modification of minerals, which provides inorganic materials such as concrete a hydrophobic quality. Furthermore, Deolink Octyl TE-100 improves the compatibility and dispersion of inorganic pigments in organic polymers such as PE or PP. You can download the technical data sheet here: