Epoxy Silanes

Epoxy silanes are mainly used in the coating, adhesive and sealant industry, where they improve filler dispersion, adhesion and anti-corrosive properties. In systems where yellowing is an issue, epoxy silanes are more suitable than others.

For coating systems where yellowing is critical.Improved bonding of adhesives to sub-strates.
Improved coating adhesion and corrosion re-sistance.
Improved filler dispersion.
Liquid SilaneskgArt.-Nr.
[3-(2,3Epoxypropoxy)propyl] trimethoxy silaneDeolink Epoxy TM-10025
[3-(2,3Epoxypropoxy)propyl] triethoxy silane
Expected to only be available in 25 kg pails from 2019.
Deolink Epoxy TE-10025
Liquid Silane ModificationskgArt.-Nr.
Deolink Epoxy TM-100 reinforced with hydrophobizing agent.Deolink EH 26925
Silane in Powder Form (Inorg. System)kgArt.-Nr.
50 % [3-(2,3Epoxypropoxy) propyl] triethoxy silane on an inorganic carrierDeolink Epoxy TE 50 DL20500769
Silane in Pellet Form (Polymer Carrier System)kgArt.-Nr.
50 % [3-(2,3Epoxypropoxy)propyl] triethoxy silane on a polymer carrierDeolink Epoxy TE20100682

Deolink EH 269

is a synergistic combination of a hydrophobizing agent and an organofunctional silane [3-(2,3-epoxypropoxy)propyl]trimethoxy silane. You can download the technical data sheet here:




Deolink Epoxy TE-100 / TM-100

are reactive adhesion promotors suitable for numerous resins, such as epoxy, acrylic, polyurethane etc. Compared with amino silanes, Deolink Epoxy TE-100 and Deolink Epoxy TM-100 tend to yellow less and support the pot life of the formulation.  

You can download the technical data sheets here: DEOLINK EPOXY TE-100



You can download the technical data sheets here: DEOLINK EPOXY TM-100